The CDP complies with the requirements of the South African Government with repect to accountability and transparency in financial matters, through annual auditing of all accounts. Because... Accountability to you as a voter is vital to us.

The costs involved with registering a Party for a National election are very high! We not only need money to pay for registration, but for printing of posters, brochures etc. In addition, if you can assist with the provision of various items eg. backing boards for the posters, we would be most grateful. The CDP welcomes donations (money or 'in-kind'), however small.

Direct Deposit
If you would like to make a donation via electronic transfer, or manually deposit a donation via your Bank, all you need do is:

  • PRINT out the Donation Form [click on the link below].
  • Fill in all the details
  • Deposit/Transfer the donation [Enter "Donation" in the reference box]
  • FAX the completed Donation Form plus PROOF of Deposit to our office at ...
    0866 499 420
By sending us this information we are able to audit our books more accurately, and are accountable to our members.

Click here for the Donation Form

Bank:    First National Bank
Branch Code: 252045 (Lynwood)
Account Name: Christian Democratic Party
Account Number: 6211 8309 774

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