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Freedom of Religion / Vryheid van Geloof
Deaths in Centurion after Covid vaccination
Dabbling in Heresy
Verval in Dwaalleer
Zuma's appeal to Concourt
Concourt ruling in Zuma case
Stand up against PEPUDA Amendment Bill
ANC continues attack on Christian values
Response to Minister Pandor budget speech
Chief Justice censored
CDP response to the 2021 SONA address
ANC - a government that has failed its people
ANC's unrighteous and racist policies destined for division
God se Mense in Gedrang
God's People in Trouble
COVID-19 Exposed
Response to president's Covid-19 message (30-12-2020)
Comment on return to Level 3 Covid-19 in SA (29-12-2020)
Minister of Higher Education (29/11/2020)
Halaal accreditation unacceptable
Important Information about our Nation
Liberals ignore reality
Don't mess with our freedom of religion, says (CDP)

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Open letter to Churches /
Ope brief aan kerke

Malcolm Muggeridge discussion on liberalism
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Should Christians be involved in politics?
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Are we praying with 'blood on our hands'?
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